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New Generation Logistics Network - Lets Make it Happen Together

Welcome to NGLN, the ‘New Generation Logistics Network’. The world of supply chains has undoubtedly become increasingly complex, compounded by the rise of eCommerce. new technologies, regulatory and customer demands, along with unapparelled risk.

So today we invite Freight Forwarders to consider the prospect of partnering with our organisation, a company we have designed and built to enhance your operating and sales performance.

The largest Freight Forwarders are investing significant cash in developing and further enhancing their own network in order to offer one stop shopping for both 3PL and Freight Forwarding demands. The desire being to make it extremely difficult for small/medium players to compete.

This is where NGLN can make the difference; through membership you have the golden opportunity to access your own global network of Freight Forwarding partners who are focused on the common goal of business growth and delivering competitive, quality solutions to clients.

Furthermore NGLN is led by Mark Boggis a renowned and respected Network Ambassador with over 38 years in the Industry. About our COO

Understanding The Industry

Today we live in a world of complex supply chains. The pressure is on for all businesses to provide customers with high quality service and competitive pricing. It is therefore no surprise that the shipping of freight is often an expensive element of a company's operating cost

NGLN is founded by people who understand the industry, have been on the front line and appreciate the pressure of delivering revenue and profits for their employer. This is why we have researched and will continue to listen to Network Members to ensure that our solutions consistently provide you with exceptional value for money and unrivalled access to a select global network of like-minded professional partners.

Our Founding Members

If you are interested in becoming a member of our network please complete the Registration of Interest form at the following link:

Registration of Interest
As a New Generation Logistics Network member, you are guaranteed payment for up to $20,000.00 in freight transactions..

Financial Guarantee Plan